"Timeless Musical Treasures"
Host: Big Tiny Little
"Timeless Musical Treasures" is hosted by Big Tiny Little, an ageless pianist with lighting-like fingers. He plays "Hindustan" and both sings and plays "I Want to be Loved by You" with Janet Lennon. Jack Imel plays a rousing version of "Stumbling," The Lennon Sisters, suitably costumed sing the "Siamese Cat Song," and Pete Fountain and the Lennons team up for "Mr. Clarinet Man."

TIMELESS MUSICAL TREASURES         Host:  Big Tiny Little           March 8, 1958

1 – Eighteenth Century Drawing Room - orchestra

2 – Mean to Me - Alice Lon

3 – Stumbling - Jack Imel on the marimba and dancing

4 – The Siamese Cat Song - The Lennon Sisters

5 – Liebesfreud - orchestra, danced by Lawrence Welk and Alice Lon

6 – My Little Red Wagon - Bob Lido, also on violin

7 – Canadian Capers - Myron Floren on the accordion

8 – When the Bell in the Lighthouse Rings Ding Dong - Larry Hooper

9 – Hindustan - Big Tiny Little on honky tonk piano

10 – Early Spring - Alice Lon

11 – Mr. Clarinet Man (Clarinet Marmalade) - The Lennon Sisters, with Pete Fountain on clarinet

12 – Melody of Love - Dick Kesner on violin and Russ Klein on clarinet

13 – I’ll Be Hangin’ Around - Rocky Rockwell, also on trumpet, with Kenny Trimble on trombone

14 – Panhandle Rag - Buddy Merrill on electric guitar

15 – I Never See Maggie (‘Alice’) Alone - Dick Dale and Alice Lon, with Aladdin, Jack Martin and Rocky Rockwell

16 – Careless - Kenny Trimble on trombone, with Jerry Burke at the organ

17 – High Society - orchestra, featuring Pete Fountain on clarinet

18 – Everywhere You Go - Buddy Hayes, also on bass

19 – I Want to Be Loved By You - Janet Lennon and Big Tiny Little, also on piano

20 – Goodnight, Ladies - Larry Hooper, Jimmy Henderson, Alice Lon, Aladdin and Bob Lido