“Time Was”

Guest:  Jo Ann Castle

Original Air Date:   April 29, 1967

Larry Hooper and the gang get things underway on this Time show singing "Grandfather's Clock." The band plays "One O'clock Jump" and Myron Floren
gets into the mood with "Tick Tock Polka." Norma Zimmer and Jimmy Roberts
blend their voices in "Now Is The Hour." And the whole group wants just
"Five Minutes More."

01 – Grandfather’s Clock

                Larry Hooper, with Natalie, Kathy, Barbara, Dianne, Dick, Jack,
                Steve, Bobby

02 – Slowpoke

                orchestra, featuring Frank Scott on piano and Dick Cathcart
                on trumpet

03 – I Didn’t Know What Time it Was

                Norma Zimmer

04 – Just Between You and Me

                guest star Charley Pride (also on guitar), with guest Lloyd Green
                on steel guitar

05 – Easy to Love

                Charlotte Harris on cello and Bob Ralston on piano

06 – Love’s Old Sweet Song

                Natalie Nevins, with Frank Scott on harpsichord

07 – Now’s the Time to Fall in Love

                Jack Imel, Arthur Duncan and Bobby Burgess (also dancing),
                Jo Ann Castle, Bob Lido and Charlie Parlato

08 – Time on My Hands

                Steve Smith

09 – Stop Time

                danced by Arthur Duncan

10 – Georgy Girl

                The Lennon Sisters

11 – The World is Mine Tonight

                Joe Feeney, with Frank Scott on piano

12 – Silly Jilly

                Jo Ann Castle on honky tonk piano

13 – Lovesick Blues

                Charley Pride (also on guitar), with Lloyd Green on steel guitar

14 – And We Were Lovers


15 – One O’clock Jump

                danced by Bobby Burgess and Barbara Boylan

16 – Tick Tock Polka

                Myron Floren on accordion and Jack Imel on percussion

17 – Now is the Hour

                Norma Zimmer and Jimmy Roberts

18 – Five Minutes More

                Larry, Jimmy, Natalie, Steve, Kathy, Jack, Barbara, Arthur, Dianne,
                Bobby, Norma, Dick, Jo Ann