Hosts: Gail Farrell, Ron Anderson, Michael Redman
ORIGINAL AIR DATE: February 27, 1982

Lawrence Welk's popular "Mixed Trio," Gail Farrell, Ron Anderson and
Michael Redman, reunite to host a tune-filled "Weather Show." The
program opens with "Button Up Your Overcoat," Anacani sings about the
"Wayward Wind" and the Aldridge Sisters and the Otwell Twins claim that
"It Never Rains in Southern California." The Trio sings "I Get the Blues
When It Rains" and perform "Sunny Side of the Street" on one of their
host segments.

 01 - Button Up Your Overcoat

             Orchestra intro., Kathie, Joe, Sherry, Roger, Sheila,
             David, Ken, Mary Lou, Ron, Gail, Michael, Anacani

02 - Don't Take My Sunshine Away

             Ava Barber

03 - Raindrop Serenade

                        Orchestra, featuring pianists Bob Ralston and Bob Smale

04 - The Wayward Wind


05 - The Rain in Spain

               Danced by Bobby Burgess & Elaine Niverson

06 - A Garden in the Rain

               Jimmy Roberts

07 - The Skaters Waltz

               Danced by Arthur Duncan

08 Stormy Weather


09 - Look for the Silver Lining


10 - I Get the Blues When it Rains

            Gail Farrell, Ron Anderson & Michael Redman

11 - The Rain, Rain Polka

            Myron Floren on accordion

12 - Put on a Happy Face

            Sung and danced by Mary Lou Metzger & Jack Imel

13 - Baby, It's Cold Outside

            Kathie Sullivan and Dick Dale

14 - Misty

            Skeets Herfurt on saxophone

15 - Breezin' Along With the Breeze

            Ken Delo

16 - It Never Rains in Southern California

            The Aldridge Sisters & the Otwell Twins

17 - Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head

            Jim Turner, guitar and vocal

18 - Let a Smile be Your Umbrella

            Anacani, Ken, Gail, Ron, Elaine, Bobby, Mary Lou, Jack