“Youmans Salute”

Host: Mary Lou Metzger
ORIGINAL AIR DATE: September 25, 1971


"(It’s Gonna Be a) Great Day" - Ken, Jimmy, Dick, Bobby and Cissy (also dancing), Gail, Sandi, Salli, Mary Lou

"Oh, Lonesome Me" - Clay Hart, also on guitar

"A Fine Romance" - orchestra

"Let’s Face the Music and Dance" - Sung and danced by Bobby Burgess and Cissy King

"Rose Garden" - Sandi Griffiths and Salli Flynn

"Moon River" - Charlotte Harris on cello with Bob Ralston at the organ

"The Sweetest Sounds" - Jimmy Roberts with orchestra

"The Beer Barrel Polka" - Myron Floren on accordion, danced by Lawrence and Cissy, with Bobby cutting in

"Real Live Girl" - Dick Dale and Gail Farrell

"Hindustan" - Peanuts Hucko on clarinet with Neil Levang on banjo

"I Know That You Know" - danced by Arthur Duncan

"Without a Song" - Joe Feeney with Bob Ralston at the piano

"Tea for Two" - orchestra

"Too Many Rings Around Rosie" - Sandi Griffiths, Cissy King, Gail Farrell, Mary Lou Metzger

"The Call of the Sea" - Ken Delo

"I’ve Confessed to the Breeze" - Guy Hovis and Ralna English

"No, No, Nanette" - Mary Lou Metzger, Bob Lido and the Hotsy Totsy Boys

"Take a Little One-Step" - Dick, Sandi, Ken, Mary Lou, Bobby and Cissy (also dancing), Gail, Jimmy, Salli, Bob Ralston

"I Want to be Happy" - Tanya Falan, danced by Jack Imel, Cissy King, Bobby Burgess, Mary Lou Metzger and Arthur Duncan

Finale: Reprise of “I Want to be Happy" - danced by Charlie, Ralna, Guy, Myron, Sandi, Kenny, Salli, Jimmy, Dick, Charlotte, Bob Ralston, Bobby, Cissy, Ken, Mary Lou, Joe, Arthur, Gail, Jack