Guy & Ralna Interview

 shown on WKNO PBS Show

"The Best Times"


This page contains an interview that the Memphis area PBS station did with Guy Hovis & Ralna English in February 2009.  It aired as part of "The Best Times" series on WKNO in Memphis, TN. The copy of this interview which I have is only for personal viewing by WelkNotes.  Because there are clips on it from the actual Lawrence Welk TV Show (which are copyrighted) Karen and I made a decision to not put it on YouTube. Therefore, please refrain from uploading it to YouTube or any other website - we appreciate your cooperation.

The interview is ten minutes long so the original filesize was 500Mb.  It's now compressed down to 35Mb but even so, it may take a few minutes to load/play, even with high-speed Internet access.  If you find that the audio/video doesn't match up (mouth movements don't match sounds), just let the video play all the way through once, then play it again and all will be well.

Click on the play button to launch the video.  Please note that it works with the Internet Explorer browser, but perhaps not with other browsers.